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Dr. Russell Barkley on ADHD

The Most Days Show: Acclaimed ADHD Expert Dr. Russell Barkley With Everything You Need to Know

Do you have ADHD or does your child? Ever wonder why it happens -- and what to do? Having trouble finding help? What's coming out of ADHD research these days? From why ADHD presents in a person to medication to the frontier of research on ADHD treatment and emerging neuro-imaging methods, Dr. Russell Barkley joins The Most Days Show to pull back the curtain on this genetic disorder.

Dr. Barkley is a prominent voice in the field. Now retired from the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, he was also previously a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and a Professor of Psychiatry and Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Hosted by Brent Franson • Produced by Aaron Morgan • Music by Patrick Lee
Dr. Russell Barkley

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