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Eric Roza on Leadership

Transparency, Trust and How CrossFit’s CEO Eric Roza Thinks About Leadership

Well before he became CrossFit’s CEO, Eric Roza said if he could do anything, it would be running the legendary fitness company because he wanted to immerse himself in companies that make the world healthier and happier. That manifestation worked. Roza (a box owner himself) took the helm in 2020, leveraging his reputation as a well-respected leader and his experience as the entrepreneur who built and sold Datalogix to Oracle for $1.2B in 2015.

This amazing entrepreneur, father of four, and all-around good human joins The Most Days Show to go deep on navigating life’s transitions and transformations, pull the curtain back on being an entrepreneur, and shares why a particular Buddhist saying (“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”) still resonates.

Tune in for more insights.

Hosted by Brent Franson • Produced by Aaron Morgan • Music by Patrick Lee
Eric Roza, CrossFit CEO

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